Capilar Treatment

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Treatment Shampoo
Step 1: Absolute Cleansing

Absolute Cleansing Treatment Shampoo:

It was developed to clean absolutely all impurities and product buildup from your hair shaft. By eliminating common impurities, the pretreatment will prepare your hair to receive our Pure Formaldehyde Free Smoothing treatment, as all as our Anti-aging Keratin Treatment. This shampoo can be use on all hair types including chemically treated hair types.

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Magic Protein
Step 2: Cell Reparation

Magic Protein 0% Formaldehyde Treatment

Our superior formula originates from a blend of Lacioxin, Lipodexin and our highest quality ingredients. This combination was made with a low pH mechanism that soften normal to coarse hair, making a natural full-bodied and frizz-free look for up to 12 weeks.

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Absolute Repair
Step 3: Capilar Reconstruction

Absolute Repair Capilar Treatment

Our Absolute Repair Daily Hair Mask has an unique mix of proteins an Lipodexin. This amazing super saturating, strengthening formula steeps heat fatigued hair in a repairing solution to immediately smooth & luxurious locks.

Your Beauty, Got Power.

Diva cosmetics USA is a Brazilian overseas cosmetic company present in over 15 countries and with distributors throughout the national territory.

Daily Treatment

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Smoothing Shampoo
Sulfate-Free Smoothing Daily

Sulfate-Free Smoothing Daily Shampoo

Maintains and prolongs all Diva Professional Keratin Treatment making the hair extra clean. It creates the connection between strands, giving it a layer of protection that will fight against humidity throughout the day. The unique blend of Keratin and Lipodexin keeps hair straight an well-styled.

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Smoothing Conditioner
Hidratation, Nutrition and Reparation.

Sulfate-Free Smoothing Daily Conditioner

Starts treating hair deeply from the very first use! With our unique blend of Keratin and Lipodexin, that hydrates and replenishes damaged follicles. Its provides an amazing moisturizing experience to quickly remove all the frizz, helping to keep all treatments longer.

Argan Oil

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Luminous Argan Oil
Control Frizz, Brightness.

Take advantage of our Luminous Argan Oil, a quick absorbing healing oil that seals in moisture and controls frizz. Just with a small amount you could complete your styling session.